Oman Airways

Oman Air can look back on an eventful history. It includes many glorious moments but the course of events has not always been smooth. History is always a reflection of people and their times. The challenges facing air transport have become increasingly complex, yet Oman Air has always found the strength to learn and renew itself. That ability has earned the company its leading position in the international airline business.

Oman Air’s origins date back to 1993. Since then, we have been maintaining a very high standard of professionalism. Little wonder, Oman Air has created a niche for itself on all operating routes. The company with its team of dedicated and skilled workforce has earned an enviable reputation in the region.

Oman Air plays a major role in making Muscat a major traffic hub in the Middle East providing a fillip to commercial, industrial and tourism activities. Today, Oman Air is becoming an increasingly familiar sight at international airports.

The Oman Air fleet is a modern and fuel- efficient aircraft with aesthetically designed interiors. Ultra- modern in-flight service equipment is deployed onboard to improve safety and overall performance. Investment in new technology, planning and product innovation has propelled Oman Air to the forefront of the aviation industry.

Oman Air- the designated carrier of the Sultanate of Oman is recognized for its strong market presence and respected for its professionalism and recommended for its punctuality and service excellence.

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