Mahan Air

Mahan Air has come a long way in a short time. Our story begins in 1992 when Mahan Air was incorporated as Iran’s first private airline.

At its operational launch in May 1993, Mahan Air had a modest fleet comprising two Tupolov 154 aircraft, a staff of 99, and a route network from Tehran to two domestic destinations. It also had great potential and boundless ambitions.

After a few years of relatively slow growth, Mahan Air real growth was stimulated by the addition of Airbus A300 wide-body equipment to its fleet in 1999 and the A310 in 2001.This gave the airline access to destinations beyond the regional ones it served at that time.

Currently, our route network spans 21 destinations in 10 countries. We have a modern fleet of 24 aircraft and have 1400 employees.

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