Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airline is referred to as the official international air ways of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and was setup in 1985 by the government of Dubai. Emirates Airline is a member of the Emirates Group, whose Chairman is Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoom. Fly Emirates Air lines to 68 destinations around the world and has a number of unique non-stop flights, like the US to Dubai and Sydney to Dubai. Since its setup, the airline has won various international awards including the global Airline of the Year, and is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world.

The Emirates Airline fleet now consists of over 50 air planes, including 28 Airbus A330-200, 9 Boeing 777, and 12 larger 300-series Boeing 777 aircraft. Emirates Airline also plans to have in its fleet, the Airbus double-decker A380 by October 2006. The Dubai International Airport is currently constructing a complete terminal dedicated to Emirates Airlines flights, which should be complete by 2006.

Onboard an Emirates Airline airplane, each passenger has his/her personal TV, which has six to eighteen channels, along with the usual audio channels. When passengers travel in First or Business Class, they are offered a film library, in which they can choose between a selection of titles and watch them on their own in-seat personal video player.

Emirates Airlines is striving to provide international links between Dubai and the world, as well as to contribute to the development of Dubai as being the Middle Easts commercial centre and aviation hub. Emirates Airline has its own frequent flyer program known as Skywards, which is shared with Sri Lankan Airways.

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