Egypt Air

May 1932

The "Egypt Air" of the leading companies in the world, has become at its founding in the seventh month of May 1932 Airline carriers around the world

August 1933

Began, "Egypt Air" in the operation of its business operations with aircraft from the aircraft "Spartan Cruiser" operate between Cairo and Alexandria.


Added the 12 aircraft to the fleet of de Havilland company, and during World War II, and placed her hand on the Egyptian government and the company changed its name to "Egypt Air" "Egypt Airlines."


Company name was changed from "Egypt Airlines" to "Egypt Air", was the purchase of 10 aircraft from Beechcraft, and thus added to the fleet of U.S. technology.


The "Egypt Air" "purchased 10 aircraft Vickers Viking, in the following year placed in service aircraft French-made" to Angdok "


Merged "Egypt Air" with Syrian Airlines, creating an new entity as the "airline of the United Arab"


The "United Arab airline to" strengthen its fleet of jet aircraft model Comet 4 CD, thus becoming the first airline in the Middle East use the jet


Enter "the United Arab airline" to its fleet of planes Boeing 707-320 C, in order to meet the growing international travel and operation of long-term lines.


Become a "United Arab airline," the first airline in the Middle East to the operation of aircraft from Boeing 707


Separated from the Syrian Airlines "airline of the United Arab," which led to change their legal status to become to become the "Egypt Air"

July 2002

Presidential Decree No. 137/2002, turned into "Egypt Air" into a holding company subsidiary followed by seven companies.

July 2008

On July 17, 2008, she joined the "Egypt Air" to the Star Alliance network, "Star Alliance", the largest alliance of airlines in the world, to offer their customers the best points of contact and travel more comfortable. The membership of the "Egypt Air" in the "Star Alliance" a unique event, in that it is the only airline in North Africa and the Middle East, which is part of the network.

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